One day

My short term memory was non-existent at the hospital. I wouldn’t remember past the hour forget the day, so, it is safe to say that I started remembering my hospital stay when some of my short term memory came back to life. My memory of my stay at St. Charles, begin, after being there for about two weeks. I remember leaving Stony Brook but I do not remember anything more than that. I remember leaving Stony Brook and just being at St. Charles. I filled in the in-between, because I don’t remember anyways, and started to believe I had just arrived at St. Charles hospital. (-_-)

I started my therapy at that hospital. They helped me out a lot when it comes to walking, functioning, and getting my thoughts together as much as I can. PT helped me a lot with my right foot. It would point to the left rather than pointing straight. I remember my PT telling me to point my foot straight and about a month later it is now normal looking. It is moments like those that I tend to forget where I cam from. I still do not remember my therapists names. I would rename the therapists that I thought they looked like.

My right leg is weak and my left arm is weak. My right arm took on what my left arm couldn’t. It still is like that. Sitting up in bed or in a chair would have to happen in increments. Having people in the room visiting would wear me out. I slowly started remembering people coming and visiting.

I remember my hair being longer than I usually let it go, for my friend Stephanie’s wedding, and wearing a neck brace made it worse. I wore a neck brace because I couldn’t keep my head up on my own. Anyways, the long hair would stuck in the neck brace and it was super annoying. My mom would put my hair up, which I found out looking at pictures it was in pig tails (-_-), so one of my good friends, Oz, came to visit and lucky me, agreed to cut my hair. He agreed to cut my hair short. He cut men’s hair but that night he was cutting mine and thank God he was around. Since then, I have been keeping my hair short.

There are moments I seem to have remembered in detail especially when I was feeling anger or happiness, intensely. I think that happened because I kept replaying it in my head over and over again until the next moment. This has become my normal. One day, it’ll get better and easier. One. Day. 🙂



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