Small changes

My right foot was wrong. My left foot was pointing forward (like a normal foot should) whereas the other foot was pointing the other way. My physical therapist told me I had to make a mental note and force myself to correct it. Alas, my foot now, without thought, looks correct and feels natural.

I remember a different group of faces visiting. I remember getting into a fight with my mother because Matt was there. Mary was there of that fiasco as well as Maryann, our family friend. I know Theresa came to visit. That was exciting. I remember getting my hair cut (finally). I did not make it to my friend’s wedding like I had originally planned, so, my hair had to go. I had trouble keeping my head up for that. I had trouble keeping my head up for even the shower. I have come a long way. Oh! I remember when the speech therapist had taken me for an X-ray see how my swallowing and my throat was. That went well, so she cleared me for regular drinks rather than the thickened drinks. Those, the thickened drinks, were the best thing, at the time, and apple flavored was my “go to” but it was AMAZING to have a regular beverage.

As I have mentioned before, up to this point I thought I had just gotten to St. Charles so it was very weird to have everyone tell you that your stay was longer. I also thought I was 24 for the longest time. When I was asked about my age by anyone I got looks like “your wrong. Try again.” It was because of that I changed my response to 25.

I owe everything to the therapists that helped me at St. Charles. They are pretty amazing if I don’t say so myself.



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