Warm weather…

Where are you warmer weather?

I miss you and I want to wear my new bathing suit for you.

I feel that this accident has given me the chance to make changes in my life that I didn’t before. In other words, this is the perfect opportunity to work on myself in areas I only thought about.

Like drinking more water. I have been doing that for the past 3 weeks now. I have been drinking 2 liters of water (or trying to) a day. So far, I have been doing really well. 😀

I haven’t let myself get “thirsty.” I am proud of myself that I have been doing this…successfully. I have also been wanting to get back into playing my clarinet but it’s proving to be hard. Drinking water is easier to turn it into a habit…by far.

I want to also exercise more and make that into a habit too. I need it. Just walking would be enough for me at this point.

I would like to make these a habit at some point:

  • Making Art (I have been doing this a lot-but not enough)
  • Playing clarinet (I need to do this more than I have been)
  • Exercise/Walk (Dunno how to make this work)
  • Drink Water (It’s going well so far)

Despite everyone telling me I am the same person, I am different. It’s the little things that are different, nothing outright obvious. With that, since I have had all these changes forced upon me, I want to make the changes with myself that I have wanted to before. I am treating myself as this different person so why not? This is the change I have control over so why not make it happen when everything changed anyways? I will try- I have nothing to lose. 🙂


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