Better Late than Never…

I forgot to write a post for yesterday so here I am now. This brain injury girl was busy… hmm… Yesterday, I was busy with Colton’s mustache bash party. It isn’t easy turning one?! It was cute. Mommy and Daddy planned a fantastic little party for their little man. I wish I took them photographs but I… don’t even have an excuse. After that, we attended a wedding. I was tired by 8pm. I was beat.


A lot of people+ noise+ being in a new environment= a very tired Bahar.

When I am in a crowded room/event/bar, I get tired in warp speed. A couple of hours feels like 6 hours for me. If I was at home or someone’s house and with people that I am familiar with with, I can make my night longer or I can last longer. The new place means, with my double vision, I have to get used to everything… quick, especially if I want to move around. An abundance of people means new faces that wants to, potentially, talk to you. Even if it is to say, “Hi.” There is too much to pay attention to already. Too much noise, well, that just means I have to work harder to cancel that out the background noise to listen to the conversations around me. This is all a bunch of things that no body thinks about or pays attention to because your brain is used to it. Everyone knows what to expect. I am very much like a child in that regard. Yesterday, Colton took a nap in the middle of his birthday gathering. Well, it is safe to say, I needed one too. I can’t handle everything much like a child. It is not only the moving around that gets a child tired so quickly, it’s everything. Moving, the noise, the new faces, everything is a factor. I just have the words to express myself when a child doesn’t. It takes a child, what, 4-5 years to not need naps as often? That is what I need to get back to, somewhat, normalcy.

So, there was a lot going on yesterday, which is great, it’s better than sitting at home. I enjoy my weekends because I don’t have to sit at home. I was tired, super easy, but I made it and today is another day.

Sorry I made you wait Louis. lol


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