UPDATE: Mood Stabilizers

So, I feel that I should update everyone on how the mood stabilizers are going for me. Those pills are doing me so well. I do have my moments like I had before but it’s less frequent and less emotional- angry or sad.

My doctor had said that taking the mood stabilizers would give me “a few seconds” to think about what I wanted to say  and whether it was a good idea. That sounds like it isn’t enough time (it did to me) but that’s all it takes- a few seconds to make that decision. The medication has been doing me well. I am able to let things go when I wasn’t able to let go of before (that is why I had my outbursts). I can let go of emotions and thoughts better, so, I am very happy about that.

Lessening of the outbursts means I am getting better (at least I hope) with my emotions (I am afraid that the medication is giving me a false sense of control) and the family has to hear less of me bitching/yelling/crying/insulting them. All of the above. Everyone benefits when I have my emotions under control.

One day, I’ll have my emotions in control more naturally but for now, I need the help. So be it. There is nothing wrong with needing help.


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