My life

For, I don’t know how long, my life is this for a while. It won’t be like this forever. I will get better one day and I won’t be able to use the accident as an excuse. For now, I can.

Someone telling me that I can’t use it, well, it is true. I shouldn’t be able to but it is kinda hard not to use it.

This is what I’ve become.

It may seem like I over do it but that is just how things are. I am what I am. This was true before the accident and still applies after. I am an individual that was blessed with a TBI and with that comes a host of problems.  Just because you don’t see my improvements everyday doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

Maybe, I am harder on myself more than I believe. Correction: I am hard on myself. It’s everyone else that isn’t expecting much out of me. Ugh.

It’s so difficult to balance all these factors of my new life… I am trying to find a balance but it’s so hard. Whatever, I have to be patient… with myself.



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