Therapy Talk

Yesterday, I had my second therapy session. It’ll be a weekly thing now, meeting with a psychologist for 30 minutes. I AM SO HAPPY THAT THIS FINALLY WORKED OUT.

I’ve needed a therapist from the moment I left the hospital last year. Someone should have insisted that I see one, even if I insisted that I didn’t need one… but the past is the past and it is happening now.

My family has their limits for “Bahar’s emotional problems” plus their own shit. They are my family and they will say that they are willing to listen, blah blah blah, but everyone has a point of “Enough is Enough.” They got their own concerns and sometimes, hearing mine is too much. I know I wouldn’t be able to handle it for too long. I’d be lying if I said I could…

They’re human and they aren’t perfect. I need/try to keep reminding myself of that. Nese has been reminding me when I forget. It is a nice reminder.

Ultimately, I am very excited to start my these therapy sessions. I now have: my journal, to write my problems. I have a therapist, someone to talk it out with. I, also, have my art mandala journal, to draw it out. emotions in check. I got everything set to get my emotions in check. So, it’s a win-win, if one fails, I got another for back up.



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