On my own…

Slowly, mom is coming around. She is. Little by little, letting me do more on my own. Nese comforts her when I can’t and lets mom know that I’ll be okay. Granted, there is someone around that she trusts but one step at a time.

Last weekend, I went to the bar with some friends. Nese wasn’t around nor was mom but my cousin, Seda, was. That was comforting for mom, knowing that Seda was there, but still. As long as I feel independent, right?

I have been going to the gym, at the apartments we live in, on my own for the past couple of weeks. I have been also going to the pool on my own. I have been going to the pool with my neighbor, Brittany, which is a huge step. I have been hanging out with Brittany and going places with her, as well. I can’t overwhelm her- I don’t want to shock the system and have everything go back to square one…

My mother being okay with this, partly, is because she has been working on it with herself. My family has things that they have to work on with themselves. This accident didn’t just force change on me but it’s forcing them to make changes with themselves. As long as I remind myself that this shit is hard on them too and I give her the confidence that I’ll be fine without her, everyone is happy. I get to get out of the apartment. Overall, everyone is happy and worry free.

I am happy that I can give her the confidence to trust me but it also helps me gain the confidence I need to see that I can be fine without them. I can do this…

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”

I feel like this could apply for this post. Either way, I wanted to use this quote. lol So, I am. You’re welcome 😀

moon guy


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