What does a title have to be?… Got it… FAB!

I have been feeling like, in terms of recovery, I’m at a standstill… BUT I know this isn’t true. Everyone would beg to differ, especially my mother and sister. I dunno, maybe I feel this way because things aren’t progressing the way I would like. My standards for myself are higher. Why do I do that? I have no friggin clue…If you have an idea about it, let me know.

My sister, mother, and I are making our way to PA for a birthday party. It should be a good time. We haven’t gone to Maryann’s house since March. I think it was March… Her great grandson is turning one and his mom is throwing a red, white, and blue themed party. Nese and I made party favors for the party. I cannot wait for feedback on those. They are mason jar cups. They turned out pretty cute and I cannot wait for everyone’s reactions to them.

We, also, plan on seeing friends when we get there that we haven’t seen in a very long time.

I went to an ENT this week- It’s an ear, nose, and throat doctor that I saw. Back in May or whatever, I had gone to get an allergy test done. The doctor said that I did not have any allergies. That’s good news but it doesn’t explain why I feel awful when I’m not taking allergy medication. I get the symptoms that an allergy sufferer gets, so, to the ENT I go, to get my sinuses checked out. I had to get a CAT scan of my sinuses.

Hopefully, the doctors will be able to tell me what the hell is going on with my face 😀

Getting a CAT scan is easier than a MRI. It took barely 5 minutes. No music involved and you didn’t feel like you were being put into a coffin (-_-)

…I don’t like having anymore MRI’s or CAT scans though. I have had my share of scans. It’s making me uneasy having to go get one but there is no other way to get help and I have to go through with it. I’m gonna be radioactive soon. (thank you, Imagine Dragons)

Well, I hope you all have a good decent rest of the weekend! Be good, guys. have a nice day





  1. I think the reason why you set high standards for yourself is because you innately know that you can do much to begin with.

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