Last night, I was at the bar with my loves and before we left I attempted to dance. Watching me dance, I imagine, is like watching a child. I don’t have any moves. I just bob up and down with my knees. I can’t do much else. It is freaking hard to move your feet and your body AND your arms at the same time to the music. Sheesh.

I am sorry to anyone who can’t dance and have told me they can’t. It is hard. 

I loved to dance and there wasn’t a reason not to if I felt the need to. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t an award winning dancer, but just simple dancing at the bar with your friends… well, I had that. 

I know this is something I have to work on. This is not something I will just get back. It is hard to move your feet and arms without falling on your face.

Nese, my sister, kept telling me to dance… because it was funny and she was drunk. Seda, my cousin, told me not to because she didn’t want me to hurt myself. (-_-) Can’t win… 

It was pretty funny! 

If a video or foto captured my magical moves… I’ll put it up next week for ya!

…’till then.





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