Remember, Remember…

Today’s post is about what I am going to do tonight. I had forgotten about it until I was talking to my new friend, Tom. When I got home, it caught up with me and now…I cannot wait…even though I know none of Eminem’s new songs (-_-)

Yes, we are going to see Rihanna and Eminem.

The thing is though, I was texting Nese, Ayse, and Aylin (sister and family friends) about our plans for tonight. I didn’t get excited until I brought it up to Tom.

Tom and Jenn have told me to listen to Eminem’s song Rap God. As I write this, I am listening to it and I am glad I listened to the two of them.

I cannot wait for this night to happen. It’ll be a good night with some good people.

FYI:  I went to bed listening to Eminem. I got this. 🙂


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