What is going on?

I am really being challenged this week. My core values and who I am is really being put to the test. It is a good thing, I suppose, you really learn who you are and what you are this way? I am trying to be positive since I’m constantly being reminded that I am not being positive enough. (-_-) It is difficult though. This whole fucking thing is so difficult. I am constantly being challenged emotionally and physically.

I used to be this confident person. She knew what she wanted, didn’t care what others thought, others couldn’t sway her, she was sure… Oh, was she sure. She was super confident in who she was and didn’t think twice…

Now? Now, it has come undone. I have never thought I’d miss that about myself. I wish of all things I didn’t lose my confidence and my Tiffany’s bracelet. (-_0)

I am having an existential? dilemma? 🙂 that seems right. Nothing is good. I am having a battle with my insides. My liver is screaming at my stomach. Ugh. It is rough. 😀


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