Later, Summer

The end of the Summer and start of Fall has been something to remember. I am so glad that the things that did happen, happened. Everything was an opportunity for me to learn more about myself. All situations, good or bad, has taught me something about myself. I am very grateful for that.

I cannot be angry or upset any longer. I have been dealt a shit card for the past year and half, but I have learned a lot. Don’t get me wrong, good does come out of it. What is the saying? Something sunshine after the rain? 😀 Yeah, that.

Every situation in my life is a learning experience. I can grow from it. I need to come to peace with a lot. There is something to learn from every situation.

I have been given the chance to do everything differently, if I choose to, and I do. I will be better than I was before. I know this is possible. As cliche as it sounds, I have been given another chance. I will take advantage of it. Nothing is worse than not doing what you want. There will be a day when you will no longer have the option to do it. So, no matter how hard something is, it is worth trying, at the very least. Then, you know and can say you tried.

You will not be given the chance, again, if you don’t go for it now.

Savor the moment. Any moment. Because it may never happen again. I don’t think anyone really thinks about this on a deep level. I sure as hell didn’t before the accident.

This world is temporary. Our relationships are temporary. Enjoy it. Learn from it. Move onto another moment. Be true to yourself and be the best you can…not for others, but for yourself.

This is something I am trying to do for myself… I know I can pull it off. Do I sound full of myself? Maybe.

I am lucky to have friends to think of me for moments like this… Joey’s fiancee, Erin, wasn’t able to go to Florida, so, Joey thought of me. I am currently in Florida with him and having a blast. I’ll post pictures up of the trip next week! Or the week after… My options are endless!

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