I spent a week in Florida, last week. Well, I met Joey and Robbie there on the 24th of October and flew back on the 1st of this month.

I am so thankful that I was asked to go and did go. Joey was kind enough to think of me and it was so good to get away by myself. I needed it. It was an opportunity to show myself that I’d be okay without my parents or my sister. I didn’t realize how dependent I have become of them. At the same time, my family needed to be forced to see that I can handle myself on my own. I dunno. It was a push in the right direction…whether we were ready or not…

Anyways, I don’t want to get all sappy and make it about what I learned…obviously, I learned stuff. I’m home now and I have decided that when I retire I will probably do what other men and women do when they retire…make their way down south. They do it for a reason and I will be of those people (probably). If I don’t make it happen sooner.

So, we were at all the parks. We, eventually, made it to Universal to get to Harry Potter World (totally worth it). We were housed at the Contemporary. We ate at a swanky restaurant at the hotel. Had our cigar nights for some real talk (which was pretty rad). Ya know, I had a good time.

I have gone to Florida before with these two and it was never as relaxed as it was this time. It was exactly what I needed. We saw everything and did the important stuff. It wasn’t rushed. I felt good.

I got to see and spend time with Jenn and her cousin, JJ. We all spent all day, Saturday, at Hollywood Studios. It was awesome. We took the best picture on the Tower of Terror. Yeah, we planned it and it was perfect 😀

We took some selfies with characters, had breakfast at Ohana at the Polynesian hotel, had dinner at the California Grill, I had a lot of lattes, had dinner at Be Our Guest aka Beast’s castle in Magic Kingdom (I wanted this to happen sooo bad) and had the “grey stuff’ (it was delicious), rode the Hogwart’s express, and had lunch at Krusty Burger. It was a pretty awesome week…

Oh! and we collected a lot of candy on Halloween at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween…Yeah, it was my kind of Halloween.  I was a flower and I got 4 compliments on my costume that my sister made 😀

Here are some pictures for you to be jealous of…

IMG_4741  IMG_4758

10414887_10205189234634374_3292498837783232608_n IMG_4762 IMG_4763 IMG_4803 IMG_4819   IMG_4858 IMG_4859 IMG_4871 IMG_4874 IMG_4882 IMG_4895 IMG_4919 IMG_4938 IMG_4940 IMG_4942 IMG_4943 IMG_4948 IMG_4954


I could bore you with every detail of my trip. Just know that I had an awesome time, spent too much money, and got away from home. I needed this.


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