I probably wrote another post about my balance but not this kind. I have awful balance…my physical balance. The kind that involves walking and standing on two feet. That is one of the reasons why I cannot dance. Why I, also, can’t make sudden movements… AT ALL.

My balance act on flat land is like you being on a tightrope. Yeah, that is about right. When I am trying to perform my act on this foreign flat land my ankles are on of those things that keep me off track. They start shaking and become unstable to keep my body still.

It is so easy to throw me off. I will not hold your baby or play with a child. They are unpredictable and can very easily throw me off. The child and I can end up on the floor. I won’t be able to protect said child in any way. So, I sit and play or talk to the little human. I can hold a child before they walk and learn how to use their arms. That I can handle…If their parent is close.

Yeah, I am a danger to all humans that are not able to function properly without help orrrr someone unpredictable. I’d be the one getting hit by a car (I can make jokes like that but you can’t) because she can’t jump away quick enough. I am slow mostly because I cannot be fast. It throws me off.

Eh. Gotta just make the best of it. This is what life is for me nowadays. My life will always come back to the accident. I’ll deal.



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