A couple of weeks ago, I watched the movie ‘Lincoln.’ I watched it with the mindset of this movie being another movie about a president.

Now, I know that Lincoln was, give or take, the best president. (Ok, ok. It’s my opinion.) My friend, John, would agree. Anyways, there are many reasons why he was. I think it helped that he was, overall, a good person. I like to believe this man was a good hearted man. (And if he wasn’t, I don’t want to know)

This post is not about how great of a president Lincoln was or how great the movie was. The answer to those questions are obvious. There was one quote from the movie that hit home with me…

“I could write shorter sermons but when I get started Iā€™m too lazy to stop.ā€

That is how I feel after talking to my mother, sister, or anyone in my life. I start talking and don’t stop. The topic is serious, for me at least. It isn’t a general conversation. Usually, it is something that I feel strongly about, which, seems to be why Lincoln would start going on and on.

It isn’t that I can’t. It’s just harder. It takes effort to stop talking, being angry or whatever. It’s so hard. It’s not that I can’t give shorter sermons, I just get lazy to put the effort into stopping.

I, also, feel the need to say everything because I don’t want to forget what I wanted to say. I feel like I have to say what I am thinking or feeling. It is imperative that I do. I don’t know why I have to. I just know I have this need to say everything. I don’t know what this means or what, but it feels like a life or death situation. I know I won’t (obviously) but it feels that way. It’s weird.

Anyway, yeah. I keep talking or going on and on because it’s easier than stopping. Sorry, guys. šŸ˜¬


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