…and there is this

About a month ago, I told my neurologist that the muscles in my left arm would twitch every so often. I told him that I’d notice it when I’m calm and not doing anything really. I’d notice it when I’m laying in bed. I wouldn’t be able to stop it or control it, it would end whenever. 

A while back, I was given Lamictal to take to control my how I react in situations. It’s a mood stabilzer. It’s been working but I had the intention to eventually stop taking it. That was the goal. 

So when I said this, he immediately said ‘seizures.’ My medication was increased and the doctor wanted me to have an EEG. We got the results and everything is normal. sweet! 

Today, I had an appointment to see the doctor. He said that I was most likely having focal seizures. Not a big deal but I could have a full on seizure whenever my brain feels like it and my medication isn’t right. Awesome. 

There is no way I wanna be off this medication to find out. I haven’t been noticing any twiches or spasms in my left arm so something is working. 

Lamictal is a mood stabilizer but doubles as seizure medication. That may be why I haven’t had this happen before December. The medication has kept it at bay and I hope to never find out. 

😕that’s my recent… My world has turned into something I don’t recognize. 😳

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