Sick and snow… Miserable

I’ve got another cold…I just got over my cold from two weeks ago. Gotta love how things work out. So at the moment, I feel like shit. It’s a cold. Eh, not a big deal. At least I hope it’s a cold. My whole body hurt as of Thursday night. My muscles everywhere hurt. My throat is super hurtful, at the moment. It’s gonna take some time for it all to get better.  Until then… 

I wanna wish my besty, Jenn, a Happy Belated Birthday! We shall have a birthday drink when I get my ass down to Florida. I’ll have one too! to celebrate us being the same age lol 

Jenn and I have been friends since 2000. We met in 7th grade. Anyways, she brought to my attention that, Bahar (my name), means ‘spring’ in Turkish. Her birthday is March 20th which happens to be the first day of spring. Coincidence? Probably … But whatta coincidence! 

It snowed ALL DAY yesterday here in New York (-_-) I am not a happy person right now. 

This entry is nothing special. I hope you weren’t expecting much 😣

I would like to share a song that hits home for me. I kinda cried when I heard it. It’s by Pheobe Ryan and it’s called “Mine.” 

I wouldn’t mind hearing what you guys think this song means…

Hint: it is not about a boy… Enjoy!


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