Making changes

To change some things up a bit I think weekly I am going to include some art work, by either me or someone else who has consented, and do a write up about it. I will continue to update everyone on my recovery but at the same time I want to use what I know and share it with everyone reading this. It’ll be fun and I’ll make use of what I know. I’ll be doing something with what I have learned instead of forgetting it.

I’ll try to do that starting next week but for now… I don’t leave you with much. Although, I have been feeling a bit down in the dumps about myself. 😕 I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. I don’t feel that a lot of people in my life have come to terms with knowing that I have changed. 

I want people to treat me like I am normal until I give them a reason to show them that things aren’t the same.  I am asking everyone to be more flexible with me in terms of that. I want things to be normal but they simply aren’t. Physically, things aren’t too much different but mentally, I am very different. I don’t argue the same, I am very childlike in my responses and expectations. I am, as much as I have been fighting it, very much like a child. Part child and part adult. 

For now it is like this. It will change but for now, this is how it is whether I like it or not.



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