I am trying

I have been trying to get my shit together. I’ve been saying, ‘I need to do this’ and I haven’t gotten far. 

I told everyone reading this that I’d do more artsy stuff and I haven’t. Again, I have to get my shit together and make it happen. 

But at the same time it’s a good thing because this means I am busy and doing other things other than sitting at home. So I’m in this bind. It’s a good thing and a bad thing. 

I’m trying to figure all this out though. Trying to balance everything out. It’s really frighten hard. No one stops to think about how hard everything is and how much work actually went into something stupid. I dunno. 

A lot of work went into you doing something ‘simple’ and you don’t even know it. Right now, it’s easy because you’re programmed but once upon a time, when you were a child, it wasn’t easy. 

I get why children get frustrated. They don’t have the words to adequately explain what they are feeling. They can’t physically do everything like jump. They wanna be independent but they have limits. I get it. It’s gotta be really hard. We don’t give kids more credit. That shit is so hard. 

As a child, though, you have all those years to learn and grow. I’m 27. I’ve already grown. I almost have to speed everything up and learn walking, reasoning, and talking in like a few years. 

That’s what happens when you’ve been reset. 😳

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