Another week has gone by…

I have a new psychologist. Dr. Shultz? I am not sure of her name just yet as I just met her on Thursday. Dr. Pierce, either quit working at the clinic or she got fired. Either way, Dr. Pierce is not working at the clinic and I got another psychologist.

I have to start over and my first session with her was a good one. I think it went well. I will meet her every Thursday. She said we can meet for about 45 minutes to an hour. Before my sessions were 30 minutes… (-_-)

I had to wait to be placed with another psychologist and that took about a month. This passed month has been rough. I wasn’t having patience with everyone. I would get easily irritated and get into a fight/argument with whomever I was talking to.

Just talking to someone about anything, someone who isn’t friends or family, was and is making my life easier. I look forward to it. If I have a problem during the week with anyone or myself, I write it down and bring it with me to my session.

I think everyone should see a psychologist. You’ll feel better.

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