I can show you mine…

I haven’t been good on my word. I have said that I would try to work on some art and share it with everyone. I haven’t but I’ll start now. I’ll share some of the basic stuff I have been working on.

I don’t want you all to expect something great. I can look at an image and replicate it or use it as a reference and turn it into what is ‘me.’

I’ve been doing mandalas here. Those are easy because I have a finite area to work with which helps.

I can’t get my brain to function normally when I’m explaining something, do you really think I will be able to get it under control when I am trying to think of something to draw? I don’t think so…

I remember a conversation last summer and my friend, Terence and a neighbor, Tom, they both said something along the lines of how you’re not an artist if you are looking at someone else’s work. If it’s not something original, you shouldn’t call yourself an artist and you aren’t good. I don’t call myself an artist but I wouldn’t say I’m bad at what I do. I didn’t say much during that talk, but I remember thinking how it wasn’t fair.

I don’t think that is fair to anyone. I don’t call myself an artist. I never did because I simply never thought I was good enough. I am capable but I don’t believe it is anything to compare. I could be wrong. I have come up with my own stuff before. I have but now? I can’t come up with something on my own. A big sheet of white paper is very intimidating. It’s a lot of space. I can handle little doodles on my own but I still need something to look at for help. I am working on trying to come up with something on my own. I am trying to figure out who I am when it comes to making something come to life.

Here are some doodles and mandalas that I have created…I’ll share some of the older mandalas and other things that I have copied from other pictures some other time…

I’m trying something new. I am trying this dot thing to create pictures.^^That is my first attempt. It took me like three months to complete it because I’d just forgot about it.

  ^^That is the most recent. I have been working on it on and off this passed week. I’m slowly trying to create items? using the dots. It is very hard to do.

These below are doodles/pictures I’ve done…

  I looked at another image to give me a general idea for this one.

This is my Chibi. He looks rusty and looks like he’s got cobwebs. That did not happen on purpose. It’s saying, “you need work. You’ve been out of commission for a while.”

I am going to my first 5 year University of Scranton reunion this weekend. 5 years. Woof. Should be fun!


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