It’s a new day in the neighborhood

I am so incredibly tired from last night. I woke up and I felt like I ran a mile for the night.

Last night, all I did was hang with my friends by the fire. Nothing too crazy. I had two drinks which wasn’t bad. We were in one place so two drinks was okay. I was drinking my Coronas very slowly.

I have to drink my alcoholic beverages verryyyy slowwllyy. I also should stay in one place I’m comfortable because there is an increased chance that I will fall. Being in a familiar, comfortable, and one place for more than an hour slows down the amount I am drinking and makes everyone’s lives easier.

So here we are. I am tired and need to get ready for the day/night for a wedding I will be attending.

Here is a mandala from last year. Time goes by so incredibly fast. Looking at what I have done thus far, I need to find a sharpener…

imageI found that I am not very creative with titles for my mandalas and have many with the same titles. I am not very original with words. I have also noticed that I put time and effort into my mandalas in the past. Now, I feel like I am not invested? and putting time in for them :/

It is pretty to look at. It’s simple much like my life then and now.


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