Maybe Sunday?

I mayyy change the day when I post. Instead of posting on Saturday, post on Sunday. Yeah, I am going to make my way to Sunday. Maybe then more people will read this thing. I don’t know why I bother with how many people read my blog but I do.

Last week, Halloween went by quickly and now it’s November. Time goes by fast when you get old…

I have been introduced to Elevate. It’s along the same line of Lumosity but I’m having more fun with this than Lumosity. Lumosity costs money if you want more games than what they offer. Elevate is free and easy. Everyday you’re given three things to work on. I believe they had categories you chose in the beginning. I don’t remember but either way, it is challenging. For me it is. I have trouble with paying attention and with my short term memory. This app is really reminding me how much trouble I’m having and how this is something I have to work on. Lumosity wasn’t like this. I dunno. I like this app and I recommend it. Fit Brains is also fun. I’d try them both out if you’re looking for something like this. I try to play this before bed and it speeds up the whole sleep process.

I am working on this brain of mine. It is rough but I’ll get there! Good day to you sir.

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