Do I?

I want to do something with myself besides ‘concentrating on my recovery.’ This recovery process is ‘long term.’ I am committed but I am getting bored waiting.

I have my Master’s in Clinical  Art Therapy. I am very proud of this. Thanks to Dr. O’Malley, I was able to find something I was into. Now, I want something I wasn’t about before. I don’t know if you guys have noticed but I am stubborn and like to prove others, as well as myself, wrong. I got my Bachelor’s in psychology. I wasn’t really thrilled about getting my PsyD or PhD. I wanted something else that incorporated both my degree and what I enjoyed doing on my off time, art. How perfect was art therapy?

Now, I want to keep myself busy and I’m in the perfect state to put effort into my studies. I am currently not working and I’m home. I have plenty of time to put work in. I know I can do it. I can’t write fast. I can record the lecture, come home, and go over the lecture. I would be immersed in my studies and that is a plus.

I would be busy. I wouldn’t want to get my PhD. I can’t do the research. I’ve never been about it but I am all about the person I am dealing with. I can listen. I am capable.

The one problem? I can’t drive to my classes. I would have to make use of the bus system on Long Island or I would live on campus. I’d have to make that decision. I guess I wouldn’t mind the loan payments after I got my degree with a job. Heh. We’ll see. I will keep thinking about this for sure. Until then here is a picture…



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