Happy 3 year anniversary!

28. Ugh. It was an age I wanted to be, once upon a time. Now, I want nothing to do with ’28.’ 

Here I am. Another year closer to 30. It’s bittersweet. Eh. It’s life. 

It’s 3 years since my accident. 2 years I’ve started this blog of mine. Hope you guys haven’t been bored thus far. 

My birthday is the day I was brought into this world. Bringing joy to many people’s lives, mainly my mother and father. But it’s got another side to it that will follow me for the rest of my life.  

I’m okay with it on most days. 

I remember when I came home from the hospital my grandfather made me a ‘welcome home sign.’It wasn’t anything special. He gave me a new birthday date because that wasn’t my day anymore. I remember getting so angry because that was my day. I didn’t understand it at the time but I’m with him now. I get it. That was my day but not anymore. I should have taken it. 

Side note: that day when I got so angry with him I hurt his feelings. He was so excited for me to come home and was in such a good mood. He wanted to make me smile. I hurt his feelings that night and my mother had to explain to him that I didn’t know what I was saying or what was really going on. 

I get so upset thinking about that day. I never apologized and I apologize for everything. 

I get upset thinking about how I acted that day. I regret not apologizing to my grandfather before he passed away for that day.

Happy birthday to me. I thank everyone for everything they have done and their birthday wishes! Keep on reading! ❤


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