Maybe not…

Last week I wrote about going back to school. I said I may want to go back for my PsyD. 

Nope. Not happening. I’d have to take my GRE. Nope. Not happening. Wasn’t gonna happen when I was in college definitely won’t happen after college in my current state. 

That’s a bummer but it’s real life. Some things are good in theory but you have to be realistic sometimes. This isn’t about being ‘pessimistic.’ It’s how it is. 

With what I have I can find a therapist job. Doesn’t have to be complicated. I can’t do too much all at once anyways. I’d have to take it slow with any job. 

At this point, I rather do something with my life that I love and get enjoyment out of. Yes, money does open a lot of doors but I dunno… I want to love life and enjoy what I’m doing. I rather not be sitting at home doing nothing. 

I have to take the first step and find what works for me. Taking the first step is the hardest step. 


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