Strong personality?

Do you ever wonder if good or bad things happen to people for a reason? Or do you believe it’s just a coincidence? 

Is it karma? Or is it God? or are you chosen because you’re stronger than others? Or is it just bad luck?

Regardless of how events happen, some people are better equipped than others. Some learn something about themselves or see life in another way. There are the other few that don’t learn anything or see that they can learn from the experience. 

Every situation, good or bad, can be learned from. 

What I’m trying to get at is that I’m kind of a special person. Not to be full of myself but I’m handling this well. I surprise myself sometimes. 

I do have high expectations of myself. If you know me, you know this to be true. I have my own standards. Anyone else’s expectations of me? I simply don’t care. 

Either way, I think I have a strong personality. I can handle more than others, definitely. I may be more emotional than most. I may yell, scream, cry, or laugh. I wear my emotions on my sleeve but by no means does that mean I’m weak. I can handle a lot. A lot of changes have happened and I’ve handled it much, much better than most people would have. 

I think God chose me as the recipient of this accident because I can handle it. Maybe I have some stuff that I have done wrong. Or maybe others around me have. Maybe I was chosen because of what others have done. Maybe I’m the one that can influence and teach others something new? 

Maybe I’m just unlucky. My sister and I were the the unlucky souls on the LIE that morning. Karma, perhaps? I don’t know…

Facebook always has interesting articles. Most are bull but this one I enjoyed because I felt like it was written about me 😀
Well. I leave you with that. You’re welcome. Kbye


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