With Pokémon Go, nothing has been happening in my life. Lol yes, technically things are happening but nothing that’s causing emotional disasters. 

Since my medication was lowered, I can confidently say that I have been able to let things go and keep myself from getting into an argument.  I am very proud of myself. 😁

I am more emotional these days. Whenever I feel a lot, good or bad, I cry because I can’t handle the emotions…it’s overwhelming and I don’t know what to do. So the only response I have involves crying. Happy things make me cry, sad things make me cry, pure joy makes me cry…what doesn’t make me cry?

There are a lot of good things that have been happening. All of them may be little and insignificant for most but for me this is a great thing. I like feeling things. I like going to the theater and crying because something sad happened. I like genuinely laughing when something is funny. I like enjoying my day and the movie I’m watching. 

I’m almost back, guys. Not there yet but I’m on my way…

My medication does, however, need to be increased, I think. I believe I had not one but two focal seizures last week…one on Friday night and then something happened on Monday. I naturally looked online and based on what I was feeling, the internetz said I was experiencing an aura. I need to see my doctor but he is on vacation until August. I was told there should be a doctor on call while my doctor is out that I can talk to. Tomorrow I’ll be doing that…

I’ll keep you posted! 

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