Yesterday was a lovely day. Filled with a lot of walking, Pokémoning, friends, and a nice dinner. 

All that occurred in the city. The city being Manhattan. 

5 of us went to a new restaurant based on Tim Burton’s movies called Beetlehouse. It’s named after Beetlejuese. I believe that’s how he spells it in the movie. That character isn’t very bright…

Anyway, the restaurant was little and you definitely need reservations. My dinner was delightful. It was called ‘Chesire Mac.’ I believe that’s what it was called. The names given to their drinks and food is cute. They were all movie inspired. 

I feel this post turning into a Yelp review. (-__-)

The city is always a swell time. Always something to do even if you have nothing planned. 

Emotionally I’ve been all over the place. I’m finding myself bitching about something to someone. I just seem like a bitch the person I’m going off on. I do realize what I am doing. I then quickly remember that next week I’ll be getting my period and all this rage inside me has a name. I’ll spell it out…PMS. We forgot each other and haven’t been so close. We’re on our way to become close as we have been. It’s mostly a hate relationship. Can’t really call it a ‘friendship’ really.

Oh well. Life goes on…right? Lol I’ll be over here. Have a good day guys! 



Nothing is changing or getting fixed fast enough for me. When you look at when the accident occurred and what the injuries are, yeah, things have changed pretty fast.

I’m so into not waiting. Can’t it all be done and better already? Can’t I be what I was before? Why do I have to wait for everything to function normally again? It took me 25 years to get a hang of me. I have to to it again…No, it won’t take 25 years but still!

Ugh. Yes, I am complaining when I should be grateful and all that. I am. It’s just that some days I want to function like my old self because it was so much easier. I didn’t have to think about anything. I didn’t have to wake up at 10am to take medicine. I didn’t have to look at the time and think about when I last ate. I dunno. Maybe the last part I did do before but still. My head is always thinking about things that I never had to think about before. It’s so annoying.

Today is one of those days. I don’t want to think about anything. I don’t want to be reminded of the things I can’t do at the moment. Can’t I be normal?

I have to draw today. All this feeling that I have needs to go into something else.



I have all these alerts set up on my phone to write an entry. It goes off and I’m not at a  computer so I put it off and it never goes off again therefore, an entry again gets forgotten about…

I need to get my shit together. I need to not put things off. I need to do it now or it won’t get done for a while.

I went to the beach yesterday with my cousin and I AM SO TIRED today. She asked me again if I wanted to go today as well. I had to decline because I don’t know if I’ll make it for tomorrow. I wanted to enjoy what is left of my day. Yesterday, we didn’t do much walking on the beach but oh man, does everything hurt.

My eyes are slightly swollen. It’s a combination of not drinking enough water and getting enough sleep. I have to use this opportunity, though, to make this time useful but sitting here I kind of regret not going to the beach with them. :/ but in reality, I won’t be doing much of anything the rest of the week if I had gone.

They’re going to the south shore for the beach. For those that aren’t familiar with Long Island, the south shore is the Atlantic ocean so there’s the waves that we all know and love. Yesterday I went to a north shore beach. No waves! because it’s the Long Island Sound, the body of water between Connecticut and Long Island.

I can handle the water on the north shore. I can’t go in the water in the south shore. I can handle the part where the waves break on shore but that is when I have a shit ton of sand in my bathing suit and that is NO fun. I’ll pass. I guess I wouldn’t have done much but lay around but still, I can’t swim to go into the water passed the waves. Not anymore and that isn’t fun. Not that I could swim much before but I at least had the basics. Now, I would just sink to the bottom. I don’t want to test it in the ocean. You know what I mean? I also would get burned. My back already did some from yesterday because I ran out of sun block by the end of the day. I didn’t know how long we would be there. My bad. It is still a good time. :/ Yeah, I’m regretting this decision…I’ll get over it.

As of right now, I want to go lay down and watch Netflix on the couch. I have a couple of things I have to do before that. Obviously, that will happen just not right now.


Happy Sunday!

Today I am heading into the city for Pottercon! I feel like a super nerd when I typed that but I’m a big Harry Potter fan. I may not be a super fan that I dress up in my robes (yet) but I do have a shirt one that says ‘Gryffindor’ and the earrings that Hermione wore at the Yule Ball. I’m referring to the movie not the books. The earrings she wore in the 4th movie when she’s all dressed up for the dance.

I’m meeting my friend Teresa and her friends there. Today will be an eventful day.

I wanted to bring up the driving scenario again. I’ve come to realize that along with the uncertainty of it all scares me. 

I don’t know what could happen. I don’t know all the potential effects that come with driving. I used to do things that I was sure about. I did whatever I did because I knew I could handle the possible outcomes. I didn’t know if something would happen for sure but I knew there were say 3 things that could happen and I can do a, b, or c. I was ready, even if it was in my head. If I wasn’t ready, it was my fault for not being prepared or I wouldn’t do it. 

Now? I don’t know what could happen. I don’t know how I will react in any given situation. I’m hesitant to get into driving.   What if something happens and I never want to drive again? Than what? How am I going to get over the fear of driving at that point? Right now, I am scared of what could happen. I have the potential of driving in the future. I won’t do it if I’m afraid. It is much harder to over come something when there’s fear involved. I believe so, at least.

Also, in the state of New York, if you are diagnosed with seizures and are on medication, you’re not allowed to drive. You have to be off your medication for a year. I’m off the road until…God knows when. ‘Till then you’re driving me around. Thank you.