Happy Sunday!

Today I am heading into the city for Pottercon! I feel like a super nerd when I typed that but I’m a big Harry Potter fan. I may not be a super fan that I dress up in my robes (yet) but I do have a shirt one that says ‘Gryffindor’ and the earrings that Hermione wore at the Yule Ball. I’m referring to the movie not the books. The earrings she wore in the 4th movie when she’s all dressed up for the dance.

I’m meeting my friend Teresa and her friends there. Today will be an eventful day.

I wanted to bring up the driving scenario again. I’ve come to realize that along with the uncertainty of it all scares me. 

I don’t know what could happen. I don’t know all the potential effects that come with driving. I used to do things that I was sure about. I did whatever I did because I knew I could handle the possible outcomes. I didn’t know if something would happen for sure but I knew there were say 3 things that could happen and I can do a, b, or c. I was ready, even if it was in my head. If I wasn’t ready, it was my fault for not being prepared or I wouldn’t do it. 

Now? I don’t know what could happen. I don’t know how I will react in any given situation. I’m hesitant to get into driving.   What if something happens and I never want to drive again? Than what? How am I going to get over the fear of driving at that point? Right now, I am scared of what could happen. I have the potential of driving in the future. I won’t do it if I’m afraid. It is much harder to over come something when there’s fear involved. I believe so, at least.

Also, in the state of New York, if you are diagnosed with seizures and are on medication, you’re not allowed to drive. You have to be off your medication for a year. I’m off the road until…God knows when. ‘Till then you’re driving me around. Thank you.


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