Yesterday was a lovely day. Filled with a lot of walking, Pokémoning, friends, and a nice dinner. 

All that occurred in the city. The city being Manhattan. 

5 of us went to a new restaurant based on Tim Burton’s movies called Beetlehouse. It’s named after Beetlejuese. I believe that’s how he spells it in the movie. That character isn’t very bright…

Anyway, the restaurant was little and you definitely need reservations. My dinner was delightful. It was called ‘Chesire Mac.’ I believe that’s what it was called. The names given to their drinks and food is cute. They were all movie inspired. 

I feel this post turning into a Yelp review. (-__-)

The city is always a swell time. Always something to do even if you have nothing planned. 

Emotionally I’ve been all over the place. I’m finding myself bitching about something to someone. I just seem like a bitch the person I’m going off on. I do realize what I am doing. I then quickly remember that next week I’ll be getting my period and all this rage inside me has a name. I’ll spell it out…PMS. We forgot each other and haven’t been so close. We’re on our way to become close as we have been. It’s mostly a hate relationship. Can’t really call it a ‘friendship’ really.

Oh well. Life goes on…right? Lol I’ll be over here. Have a good day guys! 

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