Paris, France

I will be going to France in January! I am beyond excited to go. I cannot wait! I’ve wanted to go there since 6th grade.

I remember making a paper T-shirt in 6th grade to introduce ourselves. We had to color and paste pictures of what we like and don’t like. You get it. I remember cutting a large picture of the Eiffel Tower and gluing it in the middle of the shirt. I was asked why and I remember saying that I wanted to go there. Also the moment I decided I wanted to learn French.

I get to go! There was a sale for Norwegian Air for 5 days in September. For a sale like this one, they have restrictions. It wasn’t just applicable to any country of your choice. It was whatever they had listed to the city/country that was listed. Either way, Paris was on there. We picked the days that were the least for there and back. It cost us less than $500.

Of course, this doesn’t give you the flexibility you’d like with times there and back. Being so cheap, they didn’t offer free luggage and meals. You had to pay for that separately. Choosing your seats also cost some extra. There are downsides of everything.

The flight times are late. Leaving here in the middle of the night plays in our favor. We’ll be tired and sleeping on our way to France. When we land, it’ll be in the afternoon or whatever, so we won’t be as tired (I hope). I dunno if that’s even right. The time change always messes with my head. We’ll find out when we get there if we made the right choice lol.

At this time, we’re thinking about Airbnb for our sleeping quarters for the week. It’ll be cool to live in France. Not really but you get it.

When it comes to what I want to see my brain goes NUTS! I wanna do everything and see everything! I wanna eat a lot of food. I wanna take tons of pictures (I’ll probably not take as many as I think I will). I am afraid of what everyone is saying tho. Everyone is quick to say that French people aren’t as nice as you would think. I get why they wouldn’t be a fan of Americans. Americans aren’t the most willing to adapt. We here like to think we’re the center of this world and forget that there are other people. We think that everyone should know English. This isn’t the case. You should at least attempt to speak the language…should you not? Doesn’t that show that you are willing to learn something and you are respectful? It’s an insult to just assume that the person in front of you knows your language when no one gives a shit about English when you’re in their country.

I dunno. I do try to think of situations from all sides. There is ALWAYS a reason for someone to feel what they’re feeling. This country, especially, has no empathy for anyone other than themselves. We do expect everyone else to have empathy… for us.

I’m going to France, whether they like me or not, I will love it. If they hate me because I’m Turkish or American, I will love it. I want to go there.

The Eiffel Tower, The Opera House, The Louvre, Notre-Dame, Versailles, DISNEY PARIS! I need to walk down Champs Elyssee’s, Arc de Triomphe…My goodness. I can’t wait. Oh, we are going in the dead of winter (probably why it’s as cheap as it was) depending on how cold it is there, maybe we won’t go to Disney? Ehhhh probably not… lol what was I thinking? I hope because of global warming it won’t be too cold that week. Then it can go back to the scheduled cold after we leave 😀

If you have been to Paris and have suggestions on where to go/stay, what to see, and what to eat… leave some feed back in the comments! I would love suggestions/recommendations/tips!




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