Life is good

I’ve been pessimistic lately but since the election, I’ve been trying to be optimistic. I have been finding myself going out of my way to be positive.

I have read that if you think positively you will become it. I want to believe the president elect will be better than we think. Despite what it seems, it might turn out better than we think. There’s the chance that it won’t and everyone’s worst nightmare will come true. But it might not happen. So, I’m going to keep hoping for the best. We have a president but he isn’t a dictator and we have this thing called ‘checks and balances.’ I really hope for the best. Otherwise, Canada here I come 😀 (kidding but you will find me in Turkey because it’ll be easier for me to get into that country)

Life is good. It gets hard at times but overall it’s good. We need to make effort to remember what is beautiful. Take notice of the things you may over look. You might forget it. Maybe take a picture? Don’t take too many because than you might not be enjoying the moment either.

This might be coming from the conversation that I had about this…I don’t remember exactly but I have been trying to be a good sport over this election. I am. I don’t know if this will bite me in the ass but that won’t stop me. I’m trying to trust everyone that brought Trump to be our president. Here’s to good vibes (but I will second guess everything).

I want everything to be good. I do. I am giving everyone around me that voted for Trump the benefit of the doubt. It isn’t about necessarily trusting Trump but its trusting everyone around me that voted for him. I want to trust my friends. I want to trust them that they’re looking out for not only themselves but for me and my family. If this doesn’t happen this might mean that I have lost faith in them. I don’t want to. I don’t want to lose the trust I have for my friends and family. I don’t. I really hope and wish for the best. I want everything to end up well. The 4 years will come and go before we know it. If this man absolutely sucks ass then we can not elect him for the 4 years that follow. It’s as simple as that. And if it’s that bad, well, I have faith in our government to do the right thing.

I’m trying really hard.


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