Perfect day for snow

I haven’t been feeling well since yesterday. I feel like when I was younger and stayed home from school because I was sick but for some reason, it was even better when it snowed. I don’t know. When you think about it, if I’m sick, I wasn’t going outside. Just how life works when you’re a child.

My whole body hurts. It hurt when I laid down to sleep. Every time I turned in my sleep I woke up. I need a shower bad at this moment but washing my hands it’s uncomfortable. I should be going to the doctor’s. I should have went yesterday but I thought I’d be feeling better by now (usually works that way). I suppose I could go to the Urgent Care facilities. Maybe I’ll do that…

I want cookies. I want to bake something but I should probably rest? There are so many things I want to do. This especially happens when I get sick. It’s the side effect of being sick. It automatically triggers boredom. Sitting on this chair at this moment hurts. Ugh…getting sick when you get older is the worst. It isn’t fun to stay home anymore.

I have been thinking about our Etsy Shop. I do all this thinking but nothing comes of it. I don’t know how to get these glasses sold. The requests we’ve gotten has been word of mouth. Those don’t go through the shop so it looks like we haven’t sold anything and as a result, we haven’t gotten any reviews. It’s a hard life trying to get something sold and get your name out there. We want to sell other things besides wine glasses. I should stop being lazy and get my art going. Maybe pick out some pieces that I’m proud of or work on something so it’s better looking? That’s what I’ll be doing today. Be in pain, work with my art and have cookies…More like have someone bring me cookies… 😀

Thanks guys for listening today! Here is the link for our Etsy shop… If you’d be a doll and share some thoughts with us. Things you like so far and don’t. What would you be interested in seeing in the shop? How are the prices (this has been my biggest problem)? Please, any feedback would be fabulous.

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