I’m so glad we listened to the world telling us to go see Tarkan at Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan. I am so, so, so, happy.

Nese (sister), Seda (cousin) and I went into the city on Thursday night to see our favorite Turkish artist, Tarkan. Everyone is his fan, all over the world…not only in Turkey. He finally made it here to the United States to bless us with his presence. I had so much fun and I am guessing that everyone there had fun too. Nese, Seda, and I danced the whole night didn’t care if anyone saw or thought of us. I didn’t care. I was seeing Tarkan.

We bought general admission tickets. We stood in the crowd, took our pictures, and then we eventually made it into the back of the crowd to better enjoy the music and to dance. Dancing in a crowd is hard lol. We had our drinks before so our hands were free to do what they do best…be thrown around like a mad monkey and the other two were probably no different than I. I really can’t be sure since my eyes were shut when dancing.

There were many people we knew at the concert…between Facebook and Instagram we found out after the fact. We did get the pleasure to spend some time in the crowd with our cousins. We don’t have those moments often…got to appreciate it when it does happen, right?

Tarkan is pretty well known in Turkey and the rest of the world…not so much here in the States. They tried to get his music here. They had his more well known song, Simarik, or the Kiss Kiss song, here but I doubt anyone remembers. It was sung by a woman, I believe.I remember the song being on the radio.

I also remember the time Nese and I heard the instrumental version of the song being played in Morocco at Epcot in Disney. We ran to go dance and sing the song ourselves from the crowd. That was the last time Nese and I went there before the accident. We had a Casabona-Kaya sibling trip to Disney.

Here is the the song I’m talking about… Tarkan- Simarik

…and here are some photos of Thursday night’s concert:

Good times…Onto the next one!


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