I wear glasses. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t have traditional lenses. I have prisms. My eyewear is to bring the two images I see closer together. It isn’t perfect because the one image is crooked.

My brain, for whatever reason, doesn’t merge what I see together. I have learned to ignore one image and the glasses bring what I see close enough that it’s easy to ignore.

Not every eye doctor or eye place does prisms as Dr. Fisher does. She deals with more than just bad eye vision. When I went to my last appointment, I was told that I was near sighted but it wasn’t bad enough that I needed new lenses.

Ok so, I have trouble reading things from a certain distance and size. It’s gotten to the point that I don’t bother trying to read, I ask. When I went to the appointment, I told her about this. She told me that I don’t have to have my lenses changed but if I wanted it; it’ll get done.

I had them changed and now it’s taking some getting used to. I feel nauseous at times. It’s weird.

Now, my question or rather questions for those that wear glasses, are:

  1. Is it normal to feel nauseous?
  2. If so, does it go away?
  3. There are times that I have to refocus my eyes when looking at something close (that sometimes doesn’t go away even after I do that) Is that normal?
  4. How do I know if it helps or doesn’t help?

I feel that these might have basic and obvious answers but I naturally doubt myself. Feel free to let me know if what I’m experiencing normal. lol I’d appreciate it.



  1. I always have a little adjustment period after my prescription changes that comes with pretty much everything you describe. For me it usually goes away in a week or so as I get used to the new changes, but the refocusing thing still occasionally happens when I wear my contacts for a few hours before switching back to my glasses since the prescriptions between the two are vastly different (I don’t need prisms, but I’ve got some eye issues that make it so they have to correct my vision differently with the contacts than with the glasses because of how they move around on the eye or something). Idk what to say about knowing they’re helping though. For me I always know my prescription is changing when I start getting frequent headaches at the end of the day, and I can tell the new prescription is right because I stop getting them once I’ve adjusted – but it doesn’t sound like that’s going to be at all helpful for you. =/ I hope the glasses start feeling better soon!

    • Maybe that’s what’s happening with me! Either way, I’m not gonna lose faith. The headaches have lessened tho; that’s a positive 🙂 Going from no lenses to needing them is a big change. I can’t remember if this happened when I got the prisms :/

      Thank you!

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