To Seda

This is for the cousin. The cousin who is like a little sister who is really the older, responsible one.

have a nice day

Breaking News: I’m on my way to NYC. On the train with my coffee. I put the coffee between my legs to get comfortable only to squeeze my caramel macchiato onto my pants. I’m currently cold and I’m gonna have a wet spot on my butt. Off to a great start.

Tonight is a paint party. It was supposed to be a surprise but obviously, not a surprise. A few of us are painting with drinks and food. Hopefully, a few laughs too.

Her birthday was Wednesday, the 13th. We had a little, baby surprise with just us family. It was cute in time for when she got home from work. We had cake, a photo shoot, gifts, and the obligatory game of Scrabble. I talked up a big game, messed up, and came last. It was pretty embarrassing lol. Thank goodness my cousins and sister aren’t in your face about your loss 😳🙄.

Tonight, we create masterpieces and get drunk making them. That’ll happen to me, anyway…

Seda turned 25. The cursed 25. Seda! The night is dark and full of terrors.

Happy belated birthday!! Love you!



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