Back up

I’m going to go back a few weeks to my cousin’s birthday. We had gone to a paint studio for a paint night. This was my second one and it was a good time

We went to one down town by the water. It’s a fairly new studio and it’s cute. We had some drinks and laughs. My sister, her boyfriend and I had to play catch up. Good thing for us they had a couple of breaks for the paint to dry some.

The only downside I saw was when it came to space. I don’t like painting on one of those stand things that hold up your canvas. They had those table top ones and I don’t enjoy those. I like painting and drawing on my lap, floor, or tabletop. I felt like everyone was too close to me. Lol

Here are some fotos of that night:


Look how talented we are! Masterpieces! 😬🙌🏻

It was a fun night. They had beer and wine that you could buy. They have a kitchen that you can buy appetizer like dishes. It’s a cute date night! It’s called Muse Paintbar. Check them out to see if they’re located somewhere close to you.

I’d recommend them. I would and no I’m not getting paid by them lol I’m telling you about them for fun. You’re more than welcome to paint together! lol you know where to find me…in the comments section! ✌🏻


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